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The story of Mighty Monkey Bakery begins almost five years before the company was founded. Shortly after graduating from business school, Carolyn Potz sought a diagnosis to her failing immune system which had plagued her for over a year.  In November, 2012 she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

With a new-found need for gluten free products, Carolyn spent the following four years seeking out brands with these offerings. From this search, she discovered a common thread: while the number of gluten-free consumer options on the market continued to increase, the quality of the products did not. It felt as if companies were creating mediocre gluten free products with a goal of checking a “gluten free” box, rather than a goal of making enjoyable food. 

Carolyn decided that she would design a cookie recipe that was healthy and tasty. This recipe led to the first Mighty Monkey cookie.


Mighty Monkey was established in April of 2017 when Carolyn began selling her cookies at local farmers' markets. By July of that same year, her cookies were onboarded to Whole Foods Market, and by January, 2018 they officially went on sale.  Today, Mighty Monkey cookies are sold in every Whole Foods from New York to Maine and the line has expanded from 3 flavors to 7, including 2 vegan, gluten free options.


We believe that if you are living with an allergy or have chosen an allergen-free lifestyle, that you DESERVE to ENJOY dessert, the same as everyone else.  We are committed to sourcing the best quality ingredients, developing innovating baking techniques, and using baking methods that ensure our products are pure, clean, and simple.

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